We believe that an empowered individual

has the heart to share, and practice social responsibility initiatives. TFAO promotes this awareness along with our mission to advocate change. We believe that part of our fulfilment is to encourage and see those we've helped to extend help to others as well.  

TFAO partnered with Noble Trends Unbound Foundation in support of the Hope Kitchen project in the Philippines. This initiative is geared towards poverty mitigation by means of providing school children lunch meals while instilling health & wellbeing transformation.  This project is community based and relies on volunteerism, company staff donation and community participation. It started with 220 kids and our aim for year 2018 is to reach out to 2,000 kids more from different public schools. 

TFAO members are part of this initiative. 

TFAO-NTU Hope Kitchen


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Hope Kitchen Campaign

We are empowered by our vision of a future where the Filipinos overseas stand valued amongst the best of the world; wherein achievements are rewarded & ingenuity is globally recognized.  We believe that we can make an impact to Filipinos overseas and when they finally decide to go home for good; they are healthier, with a close-knit family relations, with savings, with investments, with participation in social responsibilities, and with great honor, saying proudly that “I Am a Filipino Achiever”.


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