We believe that if we care enough

we'll do something  to the very least, support our fellowmen during job hunting. We understand the hardship of job seeking, along with the discomfort on insufficiency of funds to even take meals, transportations or even just to meet ends.  TFAO has been blessed with merchant partners when we launched our campaign “A Plateful Blessing”. This initiative will provide free meal coupons from different restaurants, for qualified job seekers so they can have either breakfast, lunch or dinner as they look for new jobs. Soon we shall be providing bus passes so job hunters come to their interviews full, composed, and neat. 

We also generate partners for basic needs such as pharmacy medicines, groceries, food, grooming, courier services, travel, and restaurants. We’ve chosen to partner and sought these discounts privileges to support our fellowmen and allow them to enjoy the necessities of life with discounts and voucher freebies. 


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A Plateful Blessing

TFAO and its partners has terms and conditions that the members must observe to ensure benifts are utilized within the parameters of each agreement.

We are empowered by our vision of a future where the Filipinos overseas stand valued amongst the best of the world; wherein achievements are rewarded & ingenuity is globally recognized.  We believe that we can make an impact to Filipinos overseas and when they finally decide to go home for good; they are healthier, with a close-knit family relations, with savings, with investments, with participation in social responsibilities, and with great honor, saying proudly that “I Am a Filipino Achiever”.


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